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Thursday 1 November - Your water pumping system Myth or Reality?

Myth  Water drawn from a surface well, a deep well or a lake with private pumping systems, don't have the water flow municipal water has. Reality  If you have a water flow problem, the chance is you don't have the proper system for the application. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your water… LEARN MORE

Thursday 1 October - An ecological solution for your water filtration problems

Important, all aspect must be considered when making a choice were to get the water.  A deep well is better for certain applications and a surface well in others.  It is always better to ask around the neighbourhood to see what type of well is done, and the quality of water in the area.  From one well to another, even if…LEARN MORE

Thursday 1 October - Now you have a choice: Higher performance pumping system

Si vous utilisez l'eau d'un puits, vous avez probablement découvert que plus vous utilisez l'eau, le moins de pression d'eau vous obtenez. Avec la pression constante de l'eau, vous aurez toujours la pression voulue quand le robinet est ouvert  même si  les appareils d'arrosage sont ouverts et... LEARN MORE

Tuesday 1 October - Guidelines for a good well disinfection

Important if you have a filter or softener put on by-pass. (Some systems don't have to be put on by-pass.)   Prior to shock chlorinating your well, disconnect the water heater's power source following the manufacturer's instructions.  Drain the water heater. Then reopen the valve to the water heater and a hot... LEARN MORE

Thursday 1 September - Selecting and installing proper water conditioning equipment

The first step requires a chemical and microbiological analysis of the water in order to determine the best treatment, if needed, to provide water of optimum quality for the intended uses. (Note: There is no way to determine what type of water quality you have just by looking at it; we must know the quantity and the types of contaminants in... LEARN MORE

Thursday 1 September - To come

Thursday 1 August - To come

Thursday 1 August - 2005 Resolution: Participate to protect the aquifer

In the last couple of years, we are aware that men’s practices put the vulnerability of water in great danger.  Because we consider water to be inexhaustible, we take it for granted, we waste it, and we pollute it.  But when the water becomes polluted, it becomes a potential cause of infectious or chronic illness. Each... LEARN MORE

Thursday 1 August - Recommendation for well maintenance

It should also be noted that every well owner is responsible for controlling the quality of his drinking water. The bacteriological quality of the water should be subjected to strict testing, as it can have a direct impact on health.  In addition, testing for nitrates every two years. (Nitrates can cause methemoglobinemia to the... LEARN MORE

Thursday 1 July - Don't we all want the best for our family?

Great tasting water directly from your tap can help you and your family drink more water to improve a healthier lifestyle.  It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, have a good nutrition, and exercise regularly for healthy living, maintaining the ideal wait, and aging gracefully.  *The functions of water... LEARN MORE

Thursday 1 July - Why do a bacteriological water analysis twice a year and check for nitrates every two years?

It should  be noted that every well owner is responsible for controlling the quality of his drinking water. The bacteriological quality of the water should be subjected to strict testing, as it can have a direct impact on health, as we saw in the case of the Walkerton disaster, and drinking water with significant concentrations of... LEARN MORE

Thursday 1 June - To come

Thursday 1 June - The importance of a water analysis

The importance of a water analysis Do you question the quality of your water ? Then have it tested! We can't necessarily detect water hardness or the presence of contaminants. The only way you can really know whether or not your water should be softened, treated or decontaminated is to have it analyzed by professional technicians and... LEARN MORE

Thursday 1 May - Most frequent problems

Rust & stains Black or orange stains are caused by the presence of iron or manganese in the water.  Those problems are frequent. Unpleasant odours Odour (rotten eggs) can be caused by the presence of hydrogen sulphide in the water.  If there is no hydrogen sulfide in the water, there could be an organic contamination... LEARN MORE

Thursday 12 May - To come

Thursday 12 May - Water and Beauty

Many families especially enjoy the benefits of  soft water for their daily grooming and beauty routines. Even if soft water does an excellent job of beautifying skin and hair from the outside, it is also important to remember that what happens on the inside of your body has a great deal to do with how you look on the outside. Cleaning with... LEARN MORE

Thursday 12 April - Water hardness

Hard water is a serious problem, and it is a common one. No natural water supply is completely free of hardness. GPG (grains per gallon). This is the most common method of designating the hardness of a water supply in our industry.  Hardness can also be expressed in terms of parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (mg/L)... LEARN MORE

Thursday 12 April - The troublesome trio, iron, manganes and hydrogen sulfide

What’s important to check with these contaminants? *Both physical and water chemistry factors determine success or failure in removing these substances to improve the aesthetic quality of water. Important physical factors include : the pump and plumbing system, available flow rate, and water... LEARN MORE

Thursday 12 April - The follow up of your well water

The bank requires a microbiological water analysis when you purchase a home. The microbiological water analysis will verify the count of total coliforms, fecal coliforms, of enterocoques, heterotrophic bacteria, and atypical colonies on m-Endo.  This will determine the water’s potability. When the results are positive, most people... LEARN MORE

Thursday 12 March - Spring & Water Analysis

Once again it is time to verify the water quality of the well. (after the spring thaw, April or May and after the rain in October and November). Drinking water must be free from any trace of E.Coli.  E.Coli belongs to the coliform group and is the only species that is strictly fecal in origin.  It is naturally present in large... LEARN MORE

Thursday 11 March - The economical solution

We recommend a chemical analysis of the water, before using a well for servicing a home, or a major water characteristic change.  Hard water is often not an « obvious » problem to people who have not had the opportunity to compare it to soft water.  The minerals that make water hard (calcium and magnesium) are usually... LEARN MORE

Thursday 11 February - Water quality and its importance

Try to imagine a world without water, we would not exist, and all life would disappear. Were there is water there is life, water is a critical component for human survival. Water never gets used up, the way our ecosystem works, the water on the planet continuously recycles, it becomes what we make it.  Water is the... LEARN MORE

Thursday 11 February - Energy Conserving Investments

We know we have to protect the environment, so any product we install as energy conserving investment will help us protect the planet. If we have hard water we can make an improvement with this product. The softner Research report ''Softnened Water Energy Saving Study-Controlled Experimental Testing Program on Household... LEARN MORE

Thursday 11 January - To come

Thursday 11 January - Make a link with health and water

The kiosk « EAU'sez votre santé » took place at les Promenades de l'Outaouais on November 20, 21 and 22, 2003. People were invited to bring a water sample for free chemical analysis, and inquire information on water quality and health risk, and available solutions for problematical water. Water is really a... LEARN MORE

Thursday 11 January - Steps to follow to correctly install an ultraviolet

Water can be disinfected by ultraviolet. UV exposes water-borne pathogens to a powerful high-output UV lamp that irradiates the organism with a lethal dose of germicidal UV light, rupturing its DNA (or RNA), rendering it incapable of causing infection! A UV must be operational 24 hours a day to be functional. So a Solenoïd valve is... LEARN MORE

Thursday 11 December - Does a water softener have any harmful effect on a septic tank?

Several studies have been made to determine the exact nature of water softener recharge waste effluents and their effects on private sewage disposal systems. The recharge effluents from water softeners have no deleterious effects on the biological function in septic tank and that  the recharge waste effluents may actually, in some... LEARN MORE

Thursday 11 December - To come

Thursday 11 November - How to ensure the safety of your water

It is recommended to disinfect any surface water supplies like lakes, rivers, springs and shallow wells. On water from a water pumping system, with no disinfection techniques, for drinkable water, a microbiological analysis and a well disinfection should be done twice a year, to ensure the safety. Among available... LEARN MORE

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