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Water treatment systems analysis, installation, repair and maintenance

Located in Gatineau, Québec, CHATEAU D’EAU specializes in the testing, installation, repair and maintenance of well and surface water.

Established in 1993 by technicians certified in domestic drinking water, our company operates in Gatineau, Ottawa and Québec. We spare no effort to offer quality services in water testing and treatment to our customers.

CHATEAU D’EAU offers customized solutions for the installation and repair of your water pumping and treatment systems. Our expertise and professionalism are guarantees of your satisfaction.

Reliable and efficient products, warranty commitment, and water of an exceptional quality: such are the commitments of CHATEAU D'EAU.

Make the quality of your water a priority and call CHATEAU D'EAU!

407 Rue Bélanger - GATINEAU CA - J8L 2L9 - TEL. : 819-281-9300
Toll free:1-866-668-9300