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Water treatment systems

CHATEAU D'EAU offers highly efficient water treatment systems

Water treatment Gatineau

1.The WaterMax system

Poor quality water damages your plumbing system as well as your domestic appliances. It also increases your level of energy consumption and spoils your clothes. Your health can be affected too. Whether, it is city water or well water, the WaterMax filtration system removes all impurities and softens your water. In addition, it gets rid of any dubious color, chlorine taste and bad odors.


  • In rural areas (well water)
  • In urban areas (city water)
  • At the entrance of the house

Its advantages:

  • The regeneration of water is done on request, at regular intervals or for a specific amount of water. This helps to avoid wastage.
  • Seven American patents and a Canadian NSF 44 certification vouch for the superior quality and security of the WaterMax system.
  • Its multi-compartment tank makes the system more adaptable and flexible.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, the WaterMax system can perfectly complement your laundry room or bathroom.
  • The system uses a high-performance resin which ensures a thorough treatment of water.
  • 25 year warranty offered by manufacturer.
Water treatment Gatineau

2. Viqua-Pro system

Disinfection by ultraviolet (UV) rays is an excellent ecological technique of disinfection.

Unlike chlorine, the UV rays destroy all microbial contaminants without leaving any traces of potentially dangerous additives. In addition, recent researches indicate that UV rays can inactivate Cryptosporidium and Giardia parasites, which chlorine fails to do on its own.

Uses: well, villas, homes, aqueduct networks, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, restaurants, hospitals, etc...

Water treatment Gatineau

3. Reverse Osmosis

Throughout the home, in urban or rural environments

Whether it’s your showerhead or your faucets, we have simple solutions to help you enjoy qualitywater.Get rid of cumbersome water bottles and enjoy fresh water straight from the tap, at home, on camp grounds or on a trip. You’ll be happy to know that, whether you own or rent your home, our systems can be easily disconnected to move with you.

Osmosis separates dissolved salts and other contaminants from the water using a semi-permeable membrane. Only purified water can get through this membrane which diverts impurities to the drain. The reverse osmosis system eliminates salt, organic compounds, heavy metals, chlorine, sodium and a number of other residues. Reverse osmosis is also known to eliminate nitrates.

Water treatment Gatineau


  • Rural
  • Urban
  • At point of use

Inconvenient :

  • Cartridges and membranes has to be changes  periodicaly


  • Simple solution and excellent quality/price ratio
  • Gives water, ice and food a good taste
  • No operating costs
  • Installed at point of use, this system requires no major work

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407, rue Bélanger - Gatineau, QC J8L 2L9

Phone : 873-738-0101